Post-election Thoughts

Dear Neighbors,

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all of those who supported me during my campaign for County Board, and to all of those who honored me with their votes on February 15th.   Although we did not advance past the primary, Neighbors for Greg Dickenson articulated a strong, constituent-focused message and made a good showing at the polls.  Thank you so much!

Looking ahead, I intend to remain involved in my community.  The many neighborhoods of our district--the Bay View/Fernwood/South Shore area, the Garden District, the Town of Lake, Morgandale, and many other areas are great places to live, work, and raise families, and I will continue to try to help my neighbors when I am able and to make these vibrant neighborhoods even better places to live!   In the short term, one of the ways I will do this is by helping Jason Haas win the general election.

In doing so, I mean no disrespect to his opponent, who also has many ideas.  However, after talking to both candidates, I am convinced today that Jason is today the best candidate in the race.  It is my honor to throw him my formal endorsement in the general election.  In a few days, our campaigns will publish a joint press release, so please check back!

Thanks again to all of my supporters.  If I can ever be of assistance to you, even as a fellow constituent and neighbor, please feel free to contact me.  Best wishes!

Gregory Dickenson