Biography and Issues

About Greg

* Lifelong Humboldt Park area resident
* Active member and volunteer Sunday School teacher, Saint Veronica Catholic Parish
* B.A. in Political Science, Wisconsin Lutheran College
* Community involvement through volunteer work at a South Side ESL program
* Local government experience through an internship in Alderman Bob Donovan's office
* Private sector experience through commissioned appliance sales for a national retailer


Milwaukee County Parks
* Will make preserving and maintaining Milwaukee County Parks a top priority
* Regularly bikes the Oak Leaf Trail and other bike paths
* Opposes selling ANY park land for commercial or corporate development
* Supports developing new and expanding existing partnerships for park maintenance

* Believes a strong mass transit system is in the best interests of everyone in Milwaukee
* Will work to ensure bus routes adequately serve city and suburban areas
* Supports repairs to or reconstruction of the Hoan Bridge in its present form
* Believes Mitchell Airport should remain under County jurisdiction

Senior Citizens
* Fully supportive of Transit Plus
* Supports senior centers, such as the Wilson Park Senior Center
* Will work to establish new and strengthen existing partnerships with community organizations which provide services to Senior Citizens
* Personal experience caring for an elderly, disabled grandparent

Vision for Milwaukee
* Milwaukee's lakefront and rivers are its most valuable resource, for which reason unrestricted public access to waterways is critical to the area's success
* Advocates policies and programs which promote and grow Milwaukee's artistic, musical, and cultural programs
* Will work to develop Milwaukee's reputation as a thriving global city

County Budget
* Will collaborate with all parties involved in and affected by the budget process to ensure everyone's voice is heard
* Pledges to hold regular listening sessions and town hall meetings to inform constituents and receive feedback regarding fiscal issues
* Will seek to identify increased efficiencies to reduce expenses