Post-election Thoughts

Dear Neighbors,

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all of those who supported me during my campaign for County Board, and to all of those who honored me with their votes on February 15th.   Although we did not advance past the primary, Neighbors for Greg Dickenson articulated a strong, constituent-focused message and made a good showing at the polls.  Thank you so much!

Looking ahead, I intend to remain involved in my community.  The many neighborhoods of our district--the Bay View/Fernwood/South Shore area, the Garden District, the Town of Lake, Morgandale, and many other areas are great places to live, work, and raise families, and I will continue to try to help my neighbors when I am able and to make these vibrant neighborhoods even better places to live!   In the short term, one of the ways I will do this is by helping Jason Haas win the general election.

In doing so, I mean no disrespect to his opponent, who also has many ideas.  However, after talking to both candidates, I am convinced today that Jason is today the best candidate in the race.  It is my honor to throw him my formal endorsement in the general election.  In a few days, our campaigns will publish a joint press release, so please check back!

Thanks again to all of my supporters.  If I can ever be of assistance to you, even as a fellow constituent and neighbor, please feel free to contact me.  Best wishes!

Gregory Dickenson


February 15            Primary Election

April 5                   Spring General Election

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Letter to Future Constituents

Dear Neighbors,

My name is Gregory Dickenson and I am running for the open seat on the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors, District 14.  Hopefully, I will soon meet you in person.  For the moment, I would like to share a few thoughts. 

I am a lifelong resident of the Humboldt Park area, and I believe Milwaukee is a great place to live, work, and play.  I also believe citizens are entitled to honest, effective, responsive representation at all levels of government, including at the County level.  That's why I am asking you to hire me as your representative on the County Board.

My goal is to represent my constituents to the best of my ability.  In other words, I will be working for you.  To that end, I pledge that if elected, I will hold regular listening sessions in the district.  The purpose of the sessions will be to let constituents know what's going on in county government, and to give residents the opportunity to provide feedback.  Further, I will actively seek suggestions and ideas from constituents in regard to the operation of County government.

I also pledge to fight to maintain the high quality County services taxpayers expect and deserve.  I am fully committed to preserving the Milwaukee County Parks, and I believe a strong public transit system benefits everyone in the Milwaukee area.  Moreover, I recognize the importance to senior citizens of County-owned Senior Centers, and I pledge to work with my future County Board colleagues to ensure the long-term stability of those programs.   

Please check back here often.  I am always interested in ideas and suggestions.  Feel free to email me at or call 414-218-0387.  Thanks for reading! 

Best wishes,

Why Am I Running?

Dear Neighbors,

In recent weeks, several people have asked me, "Why are you running?"  This is an excellent question, and one of fundamental importance for anyone seeking public office.  My response is simple.

I am running for the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors because I am concerned about the well-being of Milwaukee County, and I want to work to preserve the programs and services which residents expect as taxpayers.  I believe in the value of public service, and this position is an opportunity for me to represent my neighborhood and nearby neighborhoods on the County Board.  That may sound idealistic, but it is sincere.  I believe I can do some good--I can fight to preserve the County Parks, ensure adequate bus service is available to all, and work to provide programs which benefit senior citizens.  And I believe I can do that without driving the County further into debt. 

Those are fairly straightforward ideas which should not fuel partisan debate or ideological conflict.  Sadly, sharp disagreements sometimes take place anyway.  I pledge to work with anyone who holds a sincere belief or political position, even if it is not identical to my own.  However, my first duty will always be to my constituents.

Please consider supporting me with your vote.

Gregory Dickenson

Neighbors for Greg Dickenson

Dear Neighbors,

My campaign has an official name: "Neighbors for Greg Dickenson."  I believe including the word "Neighbors" in the name is important because it emphasizes the fact we are all residents of a neighborhood, and those neighborhoods are part of a broader community.  The issues that affect our neighborhood also affect other areas of Milwaukee County, regardless of which district its residents live in.

Joe Hudzinski, a trusted friend, will serve as Treasurer of the campaign.  A West Allis native, Joe is nearing completion of a Bachelor's degree in Business.  He also has experience as treasurer for two non-political organizations.  Joe's interest in politics, previous experience, and knowledge of business and financial practices will be a great asset.  Thank you for your help, Joe!  

People throughout the County enjoy clean, spacious parks, efficient public transportation, and safe highways patrolled by the County Sheriff.  As your County Board representative, I will work to maintain those services, for residents in every district to enjoy.  Please continue to consider me for your vote.

Gregory Dickenson

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