Endorsement from Linda Nieft

It is my pleasure to announce that district resident and community leader Linda Nieft is supporting my candidacy.  Linda is the President and CEO of a non-profit organization in the district which provides programs and services for children, adults, and senior citizens.  I have known Linda for more than 12 years, and she stated:

I endorse Greg. He is honest and thoughtful. He is aware of the issues and studies all sides before making a decision.  He is the kind of person we want to represent us.

As YOUR County Board representative, I will do my best to live up to these strong words of support.  I look forward to speaking up for the needs and concerns of my constituents, while working with other officials, especially in County government, to achieve policy goals which are in the best interests of the public.  Please consider supporting me with your vote.

Thank you, Linda, for your endorsement and support.

Endorsement from Bob Donovan

I am pleased to have accepted the endorsement of Alderman Robert Donovan.  I had the opportunity to work as an intern in his office for nearly nine months while I was in college, during which time we got to know one another.  My internship responsibilities included both constituent relations, most of which was done on foot in his district, and administrative work at City Hall.  My internship experience is one of the reasons I believe I am the best qualified candidate in the race.

That experience will prove very valuable when I am your representative on the County Board.  I understand the processes within which units of local government operate.  I have already had the opportunity to interact with other officials, with whom I will collaborate to effectively serve the public.  Further, I fully appreciate that to truly represent constituents as responsively as possible, a great deal of personal effort is needed.  I pledge to make the effort as a County Board member.

Thank you, Alderman Donovan, for your endorsement and support.