Why Am I Running?

Dear Neighbors,

In recent weeks, several people have asked me, "Why are you running?"  This is an excellent question, and one of fundamental importance for anyone seeking public office.  My response is simple.

I am running for the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors because I am concerned about the well-being of Milwaukee County, and I want to work to preserve the programs and services which residents expect as taxpayers.  I believe in the value of public service, and this position is an opportunity for me to represent my neighborhood and nearby neighborhoods on the County Board.  That may sound idealistic, but it is sincere.  I believe I can do some good--I can fight to preserve the County Parks, ensure adequate bus service is available to all, and work to provide programs which benefit senior citizens.  And I believe I can do that without driving the County further into debt. 

Those are fairly straightforward ideas which should not fuel partisan debate or ideological conflict.  Sadly, sharp disagreements sometimes take place anyway.  I pledge to work with anyone who holds a sincere belief or political position, even if it is not identical to my own.  However, my first duty will always be to my constituents.

Please consider supporting me with your vote.

Gregory Dickenson